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“Abundant Life”

“Hand Island”

“Sunrise on Gartley Point”

“There’s an Elephant in My Garden”


“To Fly Again”

“Sunset at Mopani Lodge”

“The Ubiquitous Guinea Fowl”

I have worked with fabric and collected textiles of all sorts for most of my adult life. First came traditional quilting, through which I learned many techniques and gained confidence in expressing myself through colour and line. For the last twenty years I’ve been working more intuitively, creating one-of-a-kind textile art pieces. I have had the opportunity to study with numbers of world-class instructors, and to exhibit both at home and internationally. Major influences include working in Southern and East Africa, and the natural world, particularly here on Vancouver Island. In addition to quilting, I enjoy kayaking, reading and writing.

“A New Beginning”

“Windows on My World”

“In the Presence of the Elders”

Pippa Moore