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I come from a family of at least four generations of quilters, and with my Mom's help, I began quilting when I was 12 years old. My first quilts were traditional bed quilts, made using my Grandmother's patterns, templates cut from cereal box cardboard, and old flannel sheets for batting. Before long, I was using ball-point tubes of acrylic paint to create painted quilt blocks, and to this day, I enjoy many types of surface design including fabric painting, dyeing, stenciling, stamping and embellishing. I especially enjoy making heavily-quilted, original art quilts.

Over the decades I have created dozens of quilts, visited countless quilt shows and shops, taken numerous classes, and read a plethora of quilting magazines and books.  After retiring from my career in scientific research and moving to the beautiful Comox Valley in 2014, I spent several years teaching quilting classes. I am fortunate to share my passion for art quilting with my mother, Beulah, and  my sister, Brenda.

Karen Caswell